Detective Sergeant Alicia Friend: perky, insubordinate, utterly brilliant.

Since returning from assignment in America, Alicia Friend has been grounded at a desk, her new boss at the elite Serious Crime Agency unwilling to risk her in the field. But when her former partner, newly-promoted Detective Chief Inspector Murphy requests her input, the SCA cannot refuse.

It only involves interviewing a young terror suspect, after all. What can go wrong?

But Alicia backs Murphy’s suspicion and links the crime to a seemingly unconnected incident. Then a third attack occurs, and there is no denying it: someone is coordinating these vicious incidents, and the endgame is building.

Back in full flow, the sometimes-annoyingly-perky detective summons all her brain power to push the investigation toward a seemingly benign cult of rehabilitated violent offenders, hindered at every turn by the group’s lawyer, by the detective seeking to replace her, and by a hierarchy as interested in politics as they are in catching the killer.

With Courage With Fear sees DS Alicia Friend face her most devious serial killer yet – one who may be even smarter than her.

The Alicia Friend Series

To follow Alicia’s journey through the dark world of murder, it is encouraged to read all the novels, but each books main plot is self-contained, so reading order is not 100% necessary.

1: His First His Second

2: In Black In White

3: With Courage With Fear