A serial killer who thinks he is above the law.

A growing legion of “fans” who admire him.

A veteran detective will prove them all wrong.

When Detective Frank Russo moved from New York to LA with his daughter, he had two aims in mind: to raise Kim well in preparation for the real world, and to leave behind the city where he lost his wife to a serial killer. But Russo knows he is still too over-protective, and even resorts to spying on Kim’s internet use. Now a serial killer emerges, prowling the back alleys of Los Angeles, inspiring an online following who call him “The People’s Assassin.”. And when Kim is sucked in to their circle – SublimeFreedom.com – Russo will do whatever it takes to bring him in. Except the killer believes his money elevates him above the law, and as the legal system continues to protect him, his fan base swells along with the body count. Hiding his nefarious spying activity from Kim, and pursuing this killer to the limits of his job, Russo risks all he has built since starting afresh. If he is to end the killing, save his daughter, and finally lay his past to rest, Russo must learn to trust in himself, in Kim, and in a system that has let him down too often. The Sublime Freedom is a fast paced serial killer thriller, full of secrets and lies, featuring a detective who simply will not accept defeat. Exclusively on Amazon, and FREE with Kindle Unlimited

˃˃˃ Crime Fiction Lover on A. D. Davies’ His First His Second

“An intriguing mix of police procedural and serial killer thriller, that will tease, involve and unnerve you. An entertaining and intriguing debut.”

˃˃˃ Undercover Book Reviews on A. D. Davies’ His First His Second

“Want a book with twists and turns? This is the one. It will not disappoint.”

˃˃˃ Readers’ Favorite on A. D. Davies’ The Dead and the Missing

“The Dead and the Missing is loaded with twists and turns and excitement, and had me holding my breath in fear several times, never being one hundred percent sure of how it would end. A. D. Davies is a very talented author.”