A PI a long way from home … a diner a long way from anywhere … a biker gang out for revenge.

Traveling through Croatia in his classic VW Campervan, troubled private detective Adam Park is ready to end his sabbatical and return home. But when he stops off at a kitsch American-themed diner for some bad coffee and a good burger, the last thing he expects is to intervene in an aggressive domestic incident. And once he sees off the abusive boyfriend, he could not have predicted the guy would return. With friends.

Violent friends.

As the boyfriend’s biker gang are revealed to run the local drugs trade and the stand-off escalates to murder, Adam must draw upon his survival instincts, and delve deep into the corners of his soul where he often fears to tread.

If he and the other innocents in this isolated place are to live until morning, the beast within Adam that he thought tamed must be unleashed once more, forcing him to confront the notion that he may not be a million miles from the people he detests … and to question if he should be returning to a normal life after all.


Night at the George Washington Diner is an action-packed novella, about a third the length of a regular Adam Park thriller, which serves as both a bridge between two longer novels and a good starting point for new readers.