A dead aid worker; an island rife with secrets; a detective driven to solve it all.

With a damaging, violent case behind him, Adam Park is happy tending to his late mother’s canal barge, catching up on his reading, and hoping his increased training is never required. Unfortunately, he owes favours, and when an aid worker is murdered on the Greek island of Paramatra, one such favour gets called in.

Kai Pace’s parents believe the investigation into their son’s death is deeply flawed, and Adam is tasked with reviewing the police’s methods and conclusions and – if found wanting – identifying the real killer.

On an island struggling to cope with the influx of refugees from warzones across the Mediterranean, Adam must wade through corruption, ambitious smuggling gangs, and people so desperate they will do anything to reach the paradise of the west. If he cannot stay the course, and dig out the truth, a murderer will go free, and Adam will fall prey to the same evil.

A thrilling investigation that thrusts a British private detective from the heart of Greece into northern Africa, where fear and violence will take their toll upon him, and challenge the very nature of his soul.

For a fast-paced mystery with plenty of action, download A Desperate Paradise today.