Crime and Thriller



Unconventional detective Alicia Friend investigates the kidnap-murder of two young women, while the father of a third launches a deadly investigation of his own.





Alicia Friend returns, mentally bruised but more determined than ever to hold on to her true personality, as a morality-driven serial killer’s murder of a British diplomat draws her into a new and hostile environment.




Ex-private investigator Adam Park is hired by an old mentor to locate his troubled niece, missing for over two weeks. Using his vast experience, Adam tracks her to Paris, then to onward to South-East Asia, and a violent network for whom human life is just a commodity.



WEB_THUMB A Desperate Paradise


Amid the flow of refugees on a Greek island, Adam Park investigates the murder of an aid worker, uncovering public corruption, a violent gangland operation, and fights a battle within himself as his own instincts for survival threaten to consume him.

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Corrupt Detective Martin Money cannot remember the last 3 years, but he is the only one willing to investigate who tried to murder him. And everyone is lying.





When the leader of a local cult is murdered, devout detective Roland Recht must risk his job and his life to uncover the killer.






A new genre for A. D. Davies as he tackles a time-travel action-adventure novella with writing partner Joe Dinicola. A team of US Army Rangers accidentally travels back to 1945 where they must stop Nazi special forces from turning the war in Germany’s favour.




Winter/Spring 2016: Adam Park returns to investigate the murder of a tourist in Greece, a case that sends him into the heart of a drug smuggling empire.


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